Results BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja

On Friday 6th of May brevet BRM 400 Sveta Nedelja was organized. It was the third brevet organized by Randonneurs Croatie. Although the weather conditions were exclellent, it was mostly clear with no or little wind, the temperature difference of more than 25 degrees caused some difficulties for the randonneurs. There were no DNFs, all of the registered randonneurs reached the finish line in Sveta Nedelja within the time limit covering the specified course Sv. Nedelja – Poklek – Ozalj – Karlovac – Plitvička Jezera – Gospić – Plitvička Jezera – Karlovac – Jastrebarsko – Sveta Nedelja. Congratulations to all participants! ‘Results’:

Alen Moše 21:32
Josip Dikon 25:32
Matija Novak 17:00
Ino Cvitešić 21:32
Boštjan Jaklič 18:40
Siniša Babić 24:09
Roberto Setnik 19:58
Darko Fojs 18:40
Bojan Gunjević 18:40
Tomislav Panđa 23:02
Danijel Horvat 26:24
Željko Pale 25:32

The next and the last brevet for 2011 BRM 600 Sveta Nedelja is scheduled for 4th of June.

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