BRM 200 km Nerezine Report

On Saturday, 17th of March, we rode the first brevet in Randonneurs Croatie calendar for 2012. The course was 203 km long with approximately 3600 m of ascent, all across the islands of Cres and Lošinj. At 6 am there were eleven randonneurs at the start line in front of the hotel ‘Televrin’, Nerezine, two of them from Slovenia and the rest from Croatia. After some paper work and instructions we were on our way toward the first time station in Lubenice. This year the weather conditions were good excepet for the strong head wind from check point Merag to check point Mali Lošinj. The finish line in Nerezine reached all eleven participants, long before the cutt-off even though the course is quite demanding. There was not a single DNF! Congratulation to all! In the gallery there are some photos. These are the ‘results’:

1)      Tomislav Božić 10:40
2)      Danijel Ojvan 11:31
3)      Senad Begić 11:31
4)      Alen Moše 11:31
5)      Tomislav Buturajac 12:59
6)      Siniša Babić 11:14
7)      Darko Fojs 10:40
8)     Matej Komplet 9:20
9)     Sendi Anželj 9:20
10)        Ino Cvitešić 10:40
11)        Ares Buršić 9:57

Next event organized by MBK Mura is the BRM 200 km Drava. The start and finish this year is in front of the Gradski bazeni in Čakovec at 8:00 on 31st of March. More information can be found at the web page:, where the application can be placed as well. See you at the start!

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