Results BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja

At the start of the BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja there were 13 Randonneurs, all Croatians.

Although at 6 am was quite cold, later on the day turned out to be a perfect day for a great ride, sunny with almost no wind. Up to the first check point Hotel Josipdol most of the riders were riding together. After Josipdol the course led to Senj and back to Josipdol. In this third of the course there were three major climbs along and randonneurs were riding in much smaller groups. On the way back again in Hotel Josipdol most riders grabbed lunch and were headed back to Sveta Nedelja. Unfortunately, due to some technical and medical problems three riders were forced to drop out.

Congratulations to the rest of the riders on successful finish!

‘Results’ are as follows:

First name Last name
1. Alen Moše 15:47
2. Danijel Ojvan 15:18
3. Goran Zec 19:15
4. Siniša Babić 15:04
5. Goran Huljenić DNS
6. Boris Končar 16:11
7. Senad Begić 15:18
8. Ivan Colić 17:09
9. Luka Lončarec DNF
10. Vedran Trcol DNF
11. Robert Đonđ DNF
12. Ino Cvitešić 15:18
13. Tomislav Božić 14:28
14. Ares Buršić 14:28

Photos my be found in the gallery.

On June 9th Danijel and Begić will organize unofficial brevet called 200 km Bjelovar.

We will came back with more information soon.

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