BRM 200 km Stara Vaga

by Nenad Ciglar

We invite you to this year’s second brevet BRM 200 km Stara Vaga, organized by ‘Velocity and Stara Vaga’. Start will be on Saturday, October 13th, at 8 am in front of the Caffe & Grill Stara Vaga, Josipa Kozarca street bb, Čakovec.

The course is headed southeast, over river Drava into Podravina, to Ludbreg. First check point is located at the INA gas station. From there one should be headed west nearby Kalničko gorje and Varaždinske toplice to Novi Marof. The course than bends on south side of the Ivanščica, the highest mountain of the Northwest Croatia. All the way to the second check point in Zlatar the course is quite dynamic, with lots of short ascents and descents. The check point at Zlatar is located at the gass station Petrol. After Kuzminec there is the hardest and longest ascent of the course to Veternica, approximately 2,5 km at 10%. After the descent one should pay close attention to a set of dangerous railroad crossings. After Lepoglava the course turns left across the railroad and by the INA gas station. Heading is north toward Bednja and Trakošćan. In Trakošćan there is a third check point on the Trakošćan lake. It should be passed the footpath of approximately 300 m to the lake by the castle. After Voće od Ladanja the final part of the brevet is mostly flat. After Varaždin and across the bridge over Drava there is Međimurje county. Through Macinec there is the final ascent of the day to Sv. Urban. On the downhill side there is Štrigova, where 4th check point is located at the caffe bar Kult. The finsh is in Čakovec, at the same spot where the start was, Caffe and Grill Stara Vaga.

The course is 216 km long with approximately 1500 m of ascent.

At the finsh there will be a meal for every participant worth 25,00 kn.


Entry fee is 70 kn (or 10 €). For the finisher there is a comemorative medal available at the price of 70 kn (of 10 €). You can submit your application until 28th of August. In your application include your first and last name, postal address, email address, year of birth and cell phone you intend to use during the brevet. Application are due until 11 pm on October 11th.

Contacts:         E-mail:

Tel: 098 242 657, Nenad Ciglar


–          Road Book BRM 200 km Stara Vaga

–          Map BRM 200 km Stara Vaga

–          GPX file of the BRM 200 km Stara Vaga

–          Please arrive at least half an hour prior to the start, in order to fix all paper work: entry fee, road book, map, brevet card, and also every participant needs to sign the Liability Statement (every participant should have insurance as well as the proper medical check-up)

More information my be found at:

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