LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia (4CC) 2018

The 4 Corners of Croatia is a new event in the Randonneurs Croatie brevet calendar, and so far by far the longest one. It is planned to be organized every year in the 2nd half of June, just before the peak tourist season begins. It will be a reference super brevet in Croatia.

The brevet covers the whole country connecting the easternmost, northernmost, westernmost and southernmost points of Croatia. Leads through different terrain and climate. From Central European windy and hot flat roads, coastal areas of the Adriatic sea and hilly, during the night possibly chilly, mainland. The course runs through the nicest parts of the country, demonstrates almost all the must-ride routes in the area. A unique experience to place it in every randonneur’s bucket list.

The Route


  • Ilok (18th June 2018 10:00)

Main control pints:

  • Sveti Martin na Muri (LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin na Muri)
    Refreshment and sleeping facilities
  • Umag
    Bag drop facility and refreshment. (Possibly sleeping facility – under negotiation)


  • Molunat Autocamp „Monika”
    The auto camp is not officially opened but will be available for a sleep over for a day or two upon arrival (no sleeping equipment in the campsite)

Preliminary GPX –

Overall time limit: 110 hours

The organizer will offer personal luggage transfer from start to finish. Bike box transfer will be offered at additional costs.

Detailed roadbook will be published until the end of May, 2018. 


4CC is a demanding ride! It will test your body and mind. We would like every starter to reach the finish line in Molunat. Therefore, a qualification standard is adopted: during the registration process every participant has to present the evidence (the homologation number) of at least BRM 600 km successfully finished in the past 12 months or a similar randonneé (like PBP, LEL, MGM, 1001 Miglia Italia or alike) successfully finished in the last two years. 


Please send you registration data by e-mail to ( kornel.boros (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the email include following:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • e-mail address
  • GSM phone number you will ause during the ride
  • Proof of meeting the qualification standard (Homologation number of the brevet/randonnee, name of the brevet, date ridden)
  • ICE contact: First and last name, contact number 

The registration will be opened to 1st May, 2018

The registration must be confirmed by registration fee payment until the 15th May, 2018.

Registration fee: 60 EUR

Upon registration, payment details will be communicated by e-mail.

Because of the demanding nature of organization of the LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia, in case of withdrawal after May 15th, 2018 no refund is offered.

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