Invitiation to the BRM 300 Horizons of Dolenjska and Kordun 2014.

We invite you to at Saturday 24th May of 6:00 am enter on 309 km long brevet marathon Horizons of Dolenjska and Kordun 2014. Circular trail will lead you through the valley of river Krka through Slovenia to Dolenjske Toplice. After overcoming one of the hills of Kočevski Rog and traveling through Črnomelj and Vinica will return to Croatia over the Kupa river and crossing three small valley of rivers Dobra, Korana and Mrežnica. You will dine in LD Muljava below of Petrova Gora and cycling after that on the roads of Banija and go back to the left side of the river Kupa. After passing hills of Vukomeričke Gorice you will turn to the finish at Sveta Nedelja. The road book includes detailed description of the route. This is the sketch of route: Sveta Nedelja – Samobor – Bregana – Čatez – Šentjernej – Novo Mesto – Vavta Vas – Dolenjske Toplice (Check Point 1) – Črnomelj – Vinica – Bosanci – Bosiljevo – Generalski Stol – Mrežnicki Brest – Barilović – Krnjak – Grabovac Vojnićki – Radonja (CP2) – Vojnić – Gvozd – Gornji Viduševac (CP3) – Pokupsko – Jamnička Kiselica – Pisarovina (CP4) – Lučelnica – Bukovčak – Donji Dragonožec (CP5) – Donji Trpuci – Kupinečki Kraljevec – Horvati – Rakov Potok – Mala Gorica – Sveta Nedelja. Time limit is 20 hours and we will wait for you until Sunday, May 25th, at 2:00 am.
The marathon will have only one long climb but undulating terrain of Kordun and Banija will have largest number of greater or smaller hills.

In addition to proper bike and always mandatory pieces of equipment, helmets, reflective vests and lights identity card or passport because are essential because you will twice cross the state border between the Republic of Croatia and Republic of Slovenia.


The starting fee is 100 HRK. You can order commemorative medals (70 HRK) after successful completion of brevet. You can register, and if necessary, cancel registering, through Thursday, May 22th, at noon. Your application must include your name, address, date of birth, email address and phone number of mobile phone which you use for the time of cycling. Sign up (here.) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Road book
  • Map
  • In order to complete the ‘paper work’ on time, come to the start at least at 5:30 am. Each participant has to sign the Liability statement, and will get the Road book, map and brevet card.
  • gpx files

See you at the start!

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