Invitation to BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja 2016.

To all fans of long distance bike rides,

Come and find out why Croatia belongs to the hilly country. You can expect almost a precision 400 km in length that lead all the way to the wooded part of Gorski Kotar and you will collect more than 4600 meters of vertical ascent. This is not joke!

Time for start will be Saturday May 21th at 6:00 AM from Sveta Nedelja. The first serious climb is to 18th, kilometer across the Plešivica Mountain between of Samobor and Jastrebarsko.

After a short and relative plain driving to Karlovac and Duga Resa you will overcome a whole series of short climbs in the direction of Josipdol. To checkpoint in Jezerane you’ll still see the landscape on the pass Mala Kapela (888 m).

After second control you will drive approximately 20 km on the plain by a wooded area where “bears are postmen’s”. Really, up to 200th kilometer meet with the local inhabitants on four legs should not be the coincidence. Wolves will control traffic from the sidelines, lynx will take a nap in the shade, and the foxes will run over the road, badgers and wild boars will not meet because they work exclusively on the night shift. The deer and buck, which will be watching you from afar, because of its inherent blindness for color, will not be able to enjoy the color of your bib shorts and shirt. Yes … and somewhere there you’ll necessarily enjoy in climbing to almost 1,100 meters above sea level on passes of Velika Kapela Mountain.

Passing through Lič and continuing through Fužine to Mrzla Vodica you will take leave from Velika Kapela, and enter under Risnjak Mountain. After a break in Mrzla Vodica you will have to pass, in part, through the territory Risnjak National Park and enter the area around Gerovo. Residents of Gerovo speak by specific dialect of the Croatian language.

Almost 150 km is the distance from Gerovo to Samobor where will be the next-to-last, tactical, control point. You will all cycling in the dark, some even from dusk till dawn and be good prepared for night riding. Food and drinks you cyn buy on gas station in Delnice, Karlovac, Goli Vrh and Samobor.

By the correct bike, helmet, reflective vest, front and rear lights are mandatory piece of equipment.


Entry fee is 100 kn. For all official finishers there will be available for order commemorative medal at the price of 70 kn. You can submit your application until May 19th at midnight. In your application include your first and last name, postal address, email address, year of birth and cell phone number you intend to use during the brevet – submit your application (here) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Road Book BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja
  • Map BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja
  • GPX files BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja
  • At the start every participant will get the road book, map and brevet card, and is required to sign the Liability Statement BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja
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