Invitation to BRM 200 km Otočac 2016.

Hey you,

If you want visit one more part of the mountain and wild part of Croatia within brevet marathon show yourself with proper bike and necessary equipment on May 28th before 8:00 am on the Gacka river banks in Otočac. At the program will be 202 km asphalt roads of purum Lika.

Sights on water surface will behold karst beauties Gacka River and also beauty of Lika River in Krušičko Lake.

Mountain profile and passes it will be a lot more to count. Mala Kapela, Plješivica (for viewing), Mrsinje, Ljubovo and Velebit with its many parts, Senjsko Bilo or Nadžak for example, will provide a fine view of beech and coniferous forests, high cliffs, wide horizons … and ask you to express your effort to mastered their highs, serpentine and passes.

Everything that is written in the announcement of 400 km brevet for the living world along the route of the marathon, understood here also. Maybe even a trout from Gacka River jumping out of the water for some bug while you’re driving down the coast or this kind grebe or mallard feared you flying low over the water surface.

At the end, you can relax in the company of like-minded, to exchange experiences and tell to audience a cock-and-bull story with a good chow and refreshments.

Before departure, carefully and consider, read a road book. Do you intend to ride in the tourist rhythm and end up in the dark do not forget the bike equipped with appropriate lighting and bring reflective vest.

Do not miss this brevet.


  • Entry fee is 70 KN. For all official finishers there will be available for order commemorative medal at the price of 70 KN. You can submit your application until May 26th at midnight. In your application include your first and last name, postal address; email address, year of birth and your cell phone number– submit your application (here) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com.


  • Road book BRM 200 km Otočac 2016
  • Map BRM 200 km Otočac 2016
  • GPX files BRM 200 km Otočac 2016
  • At the start every participant will get the road book, map and brevet card, and is required to sign the Liability Statement
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