BRM 400 km Ogulin – Međugorje 22.7. 2022. – Turn the spokes for full spoons!

By taking part in the brevet you are providing at least one needy child with food during a whole year (In cooperation with Mary’s Meals)

About the ride
I took a similar route four times already as a cycling pilgrimage of sorts (first two times with the co-organizer Dinko). I enjoyed the undertaking every time and, inspired by some people, I started thinking how nice it would be to organize such a ride for others. So the idea is spending time together on two wheels over the distance of 410 km through rich and diverse scenery of Lika, Dalmatia and Hercegovina. We start from the city of fairy tales – Ogulin, pass through the royal city of Knin, glorious Sinj and Imotska Krajina, and finish in Međugorje, the city of peace.

During the first part of the route we ride during the night, at an elevated altitude, occasionally through the woods so lower temperatures are possible. Later during the day we pass through Dalmatian Zagora and Hercegovina, known for hot weather in July. It is therefore wise to clothe in layers and be ready for both hot and cold weather. In any case, 4000 meters of climbing in total is certain to rid us of any boredom during the ride.

I am thankful for the great team of co-organizers who all readily accepted the idea. Each of them will contribute in their own unique way to making the ride a joyfull and unforgetable experience for all of us. I’d also like to thank BK Sljeme for the additional logistical support.

Last but not least, in cooperation with Mary’s Meals (an organization whose foundation was inspired by Međugorje), donor companies will sponsor one or several needy children with a school meal during the whole year for each rider that finishes the ride successfully. So, more riders means more fed and happy children. Therefore: turn the spokes for full spoons!

Petar Zečević

About Mary’s Meals
Mary’s Meals is a global movement in operation since 2002. Back then they ensured meals for two hundred children. Today, thanks to this organization, over two million children receive a meal at their place of education every day. Children from the poorest parts of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and South America get a chance for healthy life and education, which for many of them is the only way out of poverty.

Mary’s Meals are also a unique humanitarian organization because, thanks to their many volunteers, they operate with minimal expenses, so that at least 93% of the donated funds reach the children who need it. Only 132 HRK feeds a child during the whole year!
For more information visit

Main information:
Length of the route: 410 km
Start: Friday, July 22nd 2022 at 21:00
Finish deadline: 27 hours
Route: Ogulin, Gospić, Gračac, Knin, Sinj, Imotski, Tihaljina, Ljubuški, Međugorje
Control points: Gospić, Sinj i Tihaljina (photo CP)
Cost: 200 HRK
The price includes the following:
– Parking in Ogulin from Friday July 22 to Sunday July 24
– Dinner and lodging in Međugorje (the night from 23rd to 24th)
– Bag drop-off at the finish
– Trip back to Ogulin by bus on Sunday July 24th

Organizers: Branko Mihalić, Dinko Zečević, Dražen Cenčić, Goran Kišan, Ivana Klement, Ozren Lasić, Petar Zečević, Tihomir Klement

The main sponsor of the brevet: SV Group d.o.o.

(The complete list of sponsors and donnors will be published in due course)



You can register as a rider until Wednesday, July 20th at midnight by sending an email to ( okrenizbice (at) protonmail (dot) com. Please provide your name, surname, address, year of birth, email address and the cell phone number that you will be using during the ride. The registration price is 200 HRK and thanks to our sponsors (thank you, sponsors!), the price includes dinner and lodging in Međugorje and the return trip by bus back to Ogulin.

Official finishers may order a commemorative medal, which is charged additional 70 HRK.

I hope we will ride in large numbers, accomplish our personal goals and together fill many, many spoons!


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