LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia 2019 – Homologation

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LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia (4CC) 2019

The event is limited to 20 participants on „first come first served“ basis. It will be held if there will be minimum of 10 riders and/or payed participation fees.

The 4 Corners of Croatia is a Grand event in the Randonneurs Croatie brevet calendar, and so far by far the longest one. It is organized every year in the 2nd half of June, just before the peak tourist season begins. It is a reference super brevet in Croatia.

The brevet covers the whole country connecting the easternmost, northernmost, westernmost and southernmost points of the country. Leads through different terrain and climate. From Central European windy and hot flat roads, coastal areas of the Adriatic sea and hilly, during the night possibly chilly, mainland. The course runs through the nicest parts of the country, demonstrates almost all the must-ride routes in the area. A unique experience to place it in every randonneur’s bucket list.

The Route

Start – 20th June 2019 08:00

Ilok – Ul. Julija Benešića 62, 32236, Ilok, Croatia (Parking in front of the Hotel Danube)

Main control points:

  • Pub Potkova – Sveti Martin na Muri (LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin na Muri)
    Jurovčak, 40313 Grkaveščak, Croatia
  • Savudrija ‘Camping Savudrija (Reception)
    Istarska ul. 19, 52475, Savudrija, Croatia


  • Molunat Autocamp „Monika”
    The auto camp is not officially opened but will be available for a sleep over for a day or two upon arrival (no sleeping equipment or facility in the campsite)

GPX and route links:

LRM 1400 – 4CC 2019 (All) , GPX

Time limit

113:29 hours

Participation fee

100 EUR

The organizer will offer and included in participation fee:

Personal luggage and bike-box transfer from start to finish.

GPS Tracking – Every rider will get a personal GPS tracker (weight: 300 gr; dimensions: 10cm x 10 cm x 3cm)

Bag drop every night at the locations and within time periods as follows:

  • 328,00km on the left – Sveti Martin na Muri
    LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin – Izvorska 3, 40313 Sveti Martin na Muri (Hot Meal, sleeping, Toilet, shower)
    From 20th June 18:00 to 21st June 01:00
  • 619,5km on the left – Čavle
    Gostiona Putniku – Kikovica 2, 51219, Čavle
    From 21st June 18:00 to 22nd June 01:00
  • 914,6km on the right – Senj
    Autocamp Škver – Filipa Vukasovića 4, 53270 Senj (Toilet, shower)
    From 22nd June 18:00 to 23rd June 01:00
    1st exit at the roundabout 200m back parallel with the route on the seaside.
  • 252,3km on the right – Krvavica
    Autocamp Krvavica, Kvavica bb, 21320 Krvavica (Toilet, shower)
    1,2km from the route, down on the main road on the left in the village.
    From 23rd June 18:00 to 24th June 01:00

Diploma upon successful completion of event.

The official LRM medal

Other goodies if we manage to cover it with potential sponsors.




4CC is a demanding ride! It will test your body and mind. We would like every starter to reach the finish line in Molunat in time. Therefore, a qualification standard is adopted: during the registration process every participant has to present the evidence (the homologation number) of at least BRM 600 km successfully finished in the past 12 months or a similar randonneé (like PBP, LEL, MGM, 1001 Miglia Italia or alike) successfully finished in the last two years. 


Please send you registration data by e-mail to  ( kornel.boros (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the email include following:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • e-mail address
  • GSM phone number you will use during the ride
  • Proof of meeting the qualification standard (Homologation number of the brevet/ randonneé, name of the brevet, date ridden)
  • ICE contact: First and last name, contact number
  • Jersey size: Men: S, M, L, XL, XXL or Women: XS, S, M, L
  • Cycling cap size: S/M or M/L

The registration will be opened to 15st May 2019

The registration must be confirmed by participation fee payment until the 20th May 2019.

Upon registration, payment details will be communicated by e-mail.

Because of the demanding nature of organization of the LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia, in case of withdrawal after 5th May 2019 no refund is offered.

Additional services

The organizer will offer:

  • Bike/bike-box transfer from Zagreb to Ilok on the 19th June 2019 – 10,00 EUR
  • Bike/bike-box transfer from Molunat to Zagreb on the 25th June 2019 – 20,00 EUR

Please inform usi f you need these additional services.

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BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja – Pohorje – Invitation

Dear randonneurladies and gentlemen and all of you who feel like one,
I inviteyou to a cycling ride on the 300-kilometer brevet marathon which will start in SvetaNedeljaon Saturday, May 11that 6:00 am toPohorje Mountainin Slovenia and back.

On the program there is a 304 km ride that is all but flat. In order not to get lost on the ride, please study the map and the road book. To write all the places, it would be boring to read. As for the climb, you can expect two long ones (18 and 17 km, Rogla and the Trijekralji), four short ones (3 to 4 km), and few short but very steep sections and a couple of overpasses – I did not mean to scare you, just wanted to inform you. Ending the marathon will not be too challenging. What’s more importantare the beautiful green landscapes and the places you will pass so you will not even notice the steepness. I hope there are no overburdening circumstances.

At the 2nd checkpoint, at the Dom naPesku, a warm meal will be waiting for you. Do not miss ice cream on the 4th checkpoint in Slovenska Bistrica, I recommend at least two scoops.

Detailed information about checkpoints and instructions will be provided before start of the ride. The time limit is Sunday, May 12 at 2:00 am. With the technically correct bicycle, a mandatory helmet, a reflective vest, a front white and a red flashlight for the night drive and a ride in conditions of poor visibility are required. Recommended are few more things, such as a handy tool, a pump, a cloth and a spare tube.

It is also compulsory to have ID card or passport for crossing the borders and some cash (Some of pubs on the road may not accept the credit cards).

The starting fee is 120 HRK. You can also order a commemorative medal (70 HRK) after successfully completing the marathon. You can register by May 9th at 23:59 at the latest. First and last name, year of birth, postal address, e-mail address, and cell phone number you can be reached at during the ride are mandatory for registration.  Sign up (here) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you in advanced,

Siniša Babić


Please arrive at least half an hour prior to the start, in order to fix all administrative issues: entry fee, every participant will receive a road book, map, brevet card, and needs to sign the Liability Statement

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LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia 2018 – Homologation

Randonneur Country Time Homologation
1 Kseniia Druzhinina Russia 105:01 11833
2 Paul Andrson Canada 104:44 11834
3 Stephen Barbazuk Canada 104:44 11835
4 Stephen Kenny Canada 104:44 11836
5 Silvijo Pale-Halić Croatia 106:42 11837
6 Roberto Setnik Croatia 96:49 11838
7 Goran Zec Croatia 110:35 11839
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BRM 600 km Sveta Nedjelja – Invitation

Randonneurs ladies and gentlemen,

prepare bicycles and equipment, sign up and pedal on the longest small brevet marathon this season in Croatia.

Start and finish are in Sveta Nedelja, a small place west of Zagreb. We will ride one part of marathon through Bosnia. The route will not be specifically described, look on the map and prepare yourself. You will get detailed information, tips about potential specific problems during this ride at the briefing before the start.

The start is at 6:00 and the time limit allow you to finish the brevet till Sunday at 22:00. The front and rear lights, reflective vest and helmet are a mandatory part of the equipment.

Personal ID or passport also are obligatory part of equipment because of the two border crossings.


  • Road Book BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja 2018
  • Map BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja 2018
  • gpx files BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja 2018
  • Please arrive at least half an hour prior to the start, in order to fix all administrative issues: entry fee, every participant will receive a road book, map, brevet card, and needs to sign the Liability Statement


Entry fee is 120 kn. For all official finishers there will be available to order a commemorative medal at the price of 70 kn. You can submit your application until May 31st at midnight. In your application include your first and last name, postal address and email address, year of birth and cell phone number you intend to use during the brevet. Submit your application (here) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com.

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