LRM 1400 km 4CC 2021 – Registered Riders

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2Silvijo Pale-HalićCroatia
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LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia (4CC) 2021

The event is limited to 30 participants on „first come first served“ basis. It will be held if there will be minimum of 10 riders and/or payed participation fees.

The 4 Corners of Croatia is a Grand event in the Randonneurs Croatie brevet calendar, and so far by far the longest one. It is organized every year in the 2nd half of June, just before the peak tourist season begins. It is a reference super brevet in Croatia.

The brevet covers the whole country connecting the easternmost, northernmost, westernmost and southernmost points of the country. Leads through different terrain and climate. From Central European windy and hot flat roads, coastal areas of the Adriatic sea and hilly, during the night possibly chilly, mainland. The course runs through the nicest parts of the country, demonstrates almost all the must-ride routes in the area. A unique experience to place it in every randonneur’s bucket list.

The Route

Start – 18th June 2021 07:00
Ilok – Ulica Julija Benešića 62, 32236, Ilok, Croatia (Parking lot in front of the Hotel Danube)

Main control points:

  • Wine House Hažić (Reception)
  • Jurovčak 37, 40313 Grkaveščak, Croatia
  • Savudrija ‘Camping Savudrija (Reception) Istarska ulica 19, 52475, Savudrija, Croatia


  • Molunat In front of the closed Tourist office

GPX and route links:

Time limit = 113:29 hour.

Participation fee

100 EUR

The following is offered and included in participation fee:

  • Personal luggage transfer from start to finish,
  • GPS Tracking – Every rider will get a personal GPS tracker (weight: 300 gr; dimensions: 10cm x 10 cm x 3cm,
  • Bag drop every night at the pre-defined locations and within defined time (will be announced shortly),
  • Diploma upon successful completion of event,
  • Medal,
  • Personalized jersey,
  • Roadbook – coming soon.



4CC is a demanding ride! It will test your body and mind. We would like every starter to reach the finish line in Molunat in time. Therefore, a qualification standard is adopted: during the registration process every participant has to present the evidence (the homologation number) of at least BRM 600 km successfully finished in the past 12 months or a similar randonneé (like PBP, LEL, MGM, 1001 Miglia Italia or alike) successfully finished in the last two years. 


Please send you registration data by e-mail to ( kornel.boros (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the email include following:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • e-mail address
  • GSM phone number you will use during the ride
  • Proof of meeting the qualification standard (Homologation number of the brevet/ randonneé, name of the brevet, date ridden)
  • ICE contact: First and last name, contact number
  • Jersey size: Men: S, M, L, XL, XXL or Women: XS, S, M, L

The registration will be opened to 1st June 2021

The registration must be confirmed by participation fee payment until the 10th June 2021.

Upon registration, payment details will be communicated by e-mail.

Because of the demanding nature of organization of the LRM 1400 km Four Corners of Croatia, in case of withdrawal after 10th June 2021 no refund is offered.

Additional services

The organizer will offer:

  • Bike/bike-box transfer from Zagreb to Ilok on the 17th June 2021 – 10,00 EUR
  • Bike/bike-box transfer from Molunat to Zagreb on the 23rd June 2021 – 20,00 EUR
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Participants 4CC 2020

  1. Velinko Ostojić, Bosna andHerzegovina
  2. Zdenko Grgurić, Croatia
  3. Marko Wagner, Croatia
  4. Silvijo Pale-Halić, Croatia
  5. StanilDobrev, Bulgaria
  6. Ksenija Oletić, Croatia
  7. Matija Kovačević, Croatia
  8. Roberto Setnik, Croatia
  9. Gábor Horváth, Hungary
  10. Péter Gábor, Hungary
  11. Riccardo Kuhar, Croatia
  12. Danijel Horvat, Croatia
  13. Béla Kuzler, Hungary
  14. Boris Pupič, Slovenia
  15. Tomislav Kelemen, Croatia
  16. Matjaž Golob, Slovenia
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BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja 2020.

Do you know that for more than a year now, Croatian randonneurs, assisted by their Slovenian colleagues, have not ride a brevet on the beautiful Slovenian roads?! Imagine!
I am very happy to invite you to the 300-kilometer brevet that will have direction from Sveta Nedelja to Slovenia. Sign up, come and you won’t go wrong … even if it rains.
Of course, I will not describe the route to you. What will you see? For example … a little bit of Dolenjska, Kozjanski park, a little bit of Styria, the green slopes of beautiful Pohorje mountain. This time you will not ride in long ascents on Pohorje. Are you sorry? I know that … : 0) Furthermore … the heights of the Carinthian Alps, the Savinja canyon that flows into the Sava in Zidani Most, you will see where Laško beer comes from and a large number of villages, smaller or larger settlements.
Of course, 316 km of asphalt roads or bike paths, which are mostly in Slovenia. Many of them you could not drive as part of our brevet rides.
The start will be on Saturday, June 13, at 6:00 am from Ante Starčević Square in Sv. Nedelja. It is the most popular randonneurs square in Croatia.
As the time limit for this brevet is 20 hours, you should return to the same square no later than Sunday, June 14 by 2:00 am.
In addition to a technically correct bicycle, a helmet is required, as well as a reflective vest, front white and rear red light for the night part of the ride as well as for riding in poor visibility conditions. An identity card or passport is required for crossing the state border Bregana – Slovenska Vas and opposite direction.
A mobile phone, medicine insurance ID, few Euros, a handy tool, a pump, tire / tube patch accessories and / or a spare tube are also highly recommended.
The entry fee is 120 HRK. After successfully completing the brevet, you can additionally order a commemorative medal for 70 HRK. You can sign up until June 11 at 11:59 p.m. In the application, state your name and surname, year of birth, postal address, e-mail address and mobile phone number where we can reach you during the performance. Sign up here.

Thank you in advanced,
Siniša Babić


  • Roadbook BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja 2020
  • Map BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja 2020
  • gpx files BRM 300 km Sveta Nedelja 2020
  • At the registration prior to the start, every randonneur will receive roadbook, map and brevet card, and is required to sign the Liability Statement.
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BRM 200 km Otočac

Because you asked for it!

Almost the second season, I have been hearing longing statements that some would like to go and ride the brevet from Otočac. Apparently, the route has been standing “inthedrawer” for so long. FINALLY, you can start at 8 am, on May 30th, Saturday, and finish the circular path which starts from Otočac.

As usual, something new has to come out of my Randonneur lab. Other wise this wouldn’t be it. You will be able to see terrace of Bistro “Ribič”, Gacka River and her “springs”, but the Velebit ascents will be denied to you, and those in the Mala Kapela will be offered.

I will not describe the route. I would love you to come and ride the courseby bike. Prepare well by taking a good look at the map and reading the roadbook. What particularly characterizes this route is lots of narrow paved roads in the villages that are not located on the main roads. Therefore, you will have to be careful because, on your way behind the bends there could be agricultural machines, domestic or wild animals.

Detailed information about checkpoints and instructions will beprovided before start of brevet.

Upon your return, there will be offered lunch or dinner, beer, huntin gstories… on the terrace of Bistro “Ribič”.

The time limit is on Saturday, May 30th at 9:30 pm. With the technically correct bicycle, helmet, reflective vest or sash, front white and rear red flashlight for the night ride and ride in conditions of poor visibility are mandatory. Few other things are recommended, such as a mobile phone, ID card, health insurance card, some money, handytool, a pump, cloth and spare tube.


The starting feeis 110 HRK. You can also order a commemorative medal for 70 HRK after successfully completing the marathon. You can register by May 28th to 11:59 pm. Enter your name, family name, year of birth, postala ddress, e-mail address, and cell phone number that you can receive during the ride. Sign up (here.) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Roadbook BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • Map BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • gpxfiles BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • At the registration prior to the start, every randonneur will receive roadbook, map and brevet card, and is required to sign the Liability Statement.

Thank you in advance,
Siniša Babić

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