Invitation to the BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja 2015 (Through Bosnia and Lika)

Spring has entered into its second half. Days are extended, temperatures have risen … and it is time to go on more comfortable longer rides. Therefore, you are invited to join the 409 km long brevet of colorful distinctive landscapes and vertical profile at the Saturday, May 9th.

The route goes from Sv. Nedelja, mostly to the south over the river Kupa and Banija hills in Topusko, and then to the Bosnian Krajina. Over the undulating terrain arrives in the river Una valley, through Velika Kladuša, Cazin and Ostrožac. You will travel near river on the right bank to Bihać and when you reach center of this town crossed, to the left bank. Ten kilometers beyond Bihać begins the climb through wild landscapes of Plješivica mountain which give way to a short downhill to Donji Lapac. The second half of the marathon continues on the same wild environment under Ozeblin peak and long climb leads to the altitude of 1180 m above sea level. Below are four kilometers extremely steep downhill. Because of possible landslides and damage of the road one should be very focused on driving. Seven kilometers later comes to the state road D1 and at course runs through Korenica and Plitvice lakes to Selište Drežničko. The route continues to the direction of Saborsko, Lička Jasenica, Plaški. The first ten kilometers runs through untouched nature, Plitvice Lakes National Park. After 296 kilometers cease demanding climbs and tracks slowly sinks to Josipdol. To the end still remains approximately ninety kilometers. This is the road with little climbs and lot of dives. Route follows the course of the river Mrežnica. Randonneurs taking part in brevets running to Senj and back to Sveta Nedelja in previous years will find this course very familiar. The course runs through Tounj, Generalski Stol, Zvečaj Gornji and Donji, Duga Resa and Karlovac.

At night or in the morning hours, depend of traveling speed, the route will lead brevet masters on mostly flat stara karlovačka road to take the path of Jastrebarsko, Rakov Potok and the finish in Sv. Nedelja. With the bicycle in good condition or similar human powered vehicle, helmet, and the equipment for night driving (used in the event of poor visibility), your identity card or passport are mandatory for crossing the border between the Croatian and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You could buy some convertible mark (Bosnian currency). The marathon will be ridden in all weather conditions. Start is on Saturday at 6:00 am, and the final check point in Sveta Nedelja will be open until Sunday at 9:00 am.


Entry fee is 100 HRK. You can order medal for another 70 HRK after successful completion ride. Register and / or you can unsubscribe until May 7th at midnight. Please include your full name, year of birth, mailing address, email address and mobile number to be used during the certification. Sign in, please, (here) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com. In order to comfortably collect all travel documentation you can arrive on the start 30 minutes before the start.


  • Road Book of BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja 2015
  • Map of BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja 2015
  • GPX files of BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja 2015
  • Every rider has to register prior to the start and sign the Liability Statement. Upon registration one will get the road book, map and brevet card
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