BRM 200 km Otočac

Because you asked for it!

Almost the second season, I have been hearing longing statements that some would like to go and ride the brevet from Otočac. Apparently, the route has been standing “inthedrawer” for so long. FINALLY, you can start at 8 am, on May 30th, Saturday, and finish the circular path which starts from Otočac.

As usual, something new has to come out of my Randonneur lab. Other wise this wouldn’t be it. You will be able to see terrace of Bistro “Ribič”, Gacka River and her “springs”, but the Velebit ascents will be denied to you, and those in the Mala Kapela will be offered.

I will not describe the route. I would love you to come and ride the courseby bike. Prepare well by taking a good look at the map and reading the roadbook. What particularly characterizes this route is lots of narrow paved roads in the villages that are not located on the main roads. Therefore, you will have to be careful because, on your way behind the bends there could be agricultural machines, domestic or wild animals.

Detailed information about checkpoints and instructions will beprovided before start of brevet.

Upon your return, there will be offered lunch or dinner, beer, huntin gstories… on the terrace of Bistro “Ribič”.

The time limit is on Saturday, May 30th at 9:30 pm. With the technically correct bicycle, helmet, reflective vest or sash, front white and rear red flashlight for the night ride and ride in conditions of poor visibility are mandatory. Few other things are recommended, such as a mobile phone, ID card, health insurance card, some money, handytool, a pump, cloth and spare tube.


The starting feeis 110 HRK. You can also order a commemorative medal for 70 HRK after successfully completing the marathon. You can register by May 28th to 11:59 pm. Enter your name, family name, year of birth, postala ddress, e-mail address, and cell phone number that you can receive during the ride. Sign up (here.) sibabic (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Roadbook BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • Map BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • gpxfiles BRM 200 km Otočac 2020
  • At the registration prior to the start, every randonneur will receive roadbook, map and brevet card, and is required to sign the Liability Statement.

Thank you in advance,
Siniša Babić

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